Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

rej. zab. nr A – 169/M
ul. Benedyktyńska 37
30 - 398 Kraków
province: małopolskie


Travelling means collecting authentic views, tastes, flavours and impressions. It means touching the reality here and now. Historical buildings have a basic advantage over other places where you can eat and stay overnight – they tell real stories: rich, turbulent, human, mysterious, sophisticated and unique. We don’t even need to start our imagination. The stories are told by the architecture, interior aesthetics, historical notes and whispering  walls. They together with a long lasting tradition give inspirations to the contemporary hosts – the enthusiasts who express these inspirations in the form of flavours of the cuisine as well as impressions and attractions waiting for the visitors in these unique places. They some-how survived to the present-day times and now they are inviting you for a relaxation that is different than usually…

Relaxation in the Castle


In the past castles used to be fortified, towering and similar to eagle nests they had to be situated on the hill, with a moat and a drawbridge, in the late epochs they became more representative in their char-acter. Staying in a castle used to be a dream which everybody had. The feeling we get when we wake up in a castle chamber – extraordinary!

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Relaxation in the Palace


Representative residences in towns and on the estates, seducing with the beauty of architecture and the luxury of the interior decorations. Inaccessible and mysterious, surrounded by well-maintained green-ery. After entering the palace gate, every-day routines become extraordinary. A scenery like from a fairy-tale encourages us to write our own tale…

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Relaxation in the Manor-house

The noble residence, which is a fundamental element of Polish culture and landscapes. Sometimes as if taken from “Pan Tadeusz”- a classic one with columns; sometimes a palace – a multi-solid one with traces of the metamorphoses being in harmony with the spirit of subsequent epochs, surrounded by a centuries-old park. There are so few of these real Polish houses left that one needs to hurry to be able to enjoy their charm and taste their character…

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Relaxation in a historical building in the town


Relaxation in a historical building in the town. Towns have always been the centre of economic, political, social and cultural life. Only the scale of its influence varied. Municipal palaces, mansions or villas used to be or still are residences for the period of staying in the town. They are representative and comfortable, close to numerous attractions and entertainment offered by the town

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The table delights, that is, a unique cuisine


Where can we look for the best tastes if not in the tradition of our ancestors who considered food to be the main source of the earthly happiness. Each of the elegant restaurants situated in historical buildings arouses a culinary interest. In each of them, food is an expression of national and regional culture seducing the palates, not only belonging to the connoisseurs. Choose the hotel for your culinary journey!

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In the centre of tastes and wine aromas

In the world of wines the paths never end. Each opened bottle tells a story of a different kind, climate and people who created the atmosphere locked in the bottle. Are you looking for cellars full of great wines? Do you want to enjoy a noble drink in a relaxing atmosphere and luxurious interior? We would like to invite you to visit the historical areas where the wine culture has always been present. A pleasure of a journey of trying different tastes to a different part of wine world is waiting for us everywhere together with various bouquets of impressions.

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Just the two of you – romantically

Do you wish to give special moments to a person who is important to you? Or maybe, you wish to celebrate an event, memory or anniversary in a special way? Just the Two of you want to enjoy the peace and tranquillity, a candle-lit dinner, a lazy relaxation in the swimming pool, the impressions after a concert, tasting or walking. The beauty of the historical residences intensifies the experiences and its diversified character makes each scenery be an original one for a different romantic journey. Choose the place for being “One to One”!

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SPA – something for the spirit and body


Are you looking for the balance of the soul, emotions, body and mind? Or maybe relaxation, an escape from every-day routines, a little bit of luxury and pleasure? Or maybe you searching for the time only for yourself, far from everyday stresses, pressures of the environment and events. Make use of the luxurious care, beneficial influence of natural therapies, massages and rituals and proper diet. Choose SPA in the historic building to be able to feel like old rulers.

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Attending a concert

Music is a manifestation of culture and it has always accompanied man during the time spent working, relaxing or having fun. It influences the mental condition of the person, his feelings and awareness and the surrounding of other fine arts only intensifies the perception of music. Chamber music concerts in stylish interiors, jazz improvisations, romantic recitals, singing poetry, folk and ethno tunes, open-air concerts or evening sounds of the piano – in our historical buildings, live music is present in various forms and styles. Choose the space where you can hear the sounds of music that you like!

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Going hunting


Hunting is an old ritual with a precisely defined sequence of activities, rules, etiquette and culture. It is not relevant whether it’s with a gun or a camera – it always concerns the same – to have something special on the agenda. Check where you can go hunting!

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Searching for a hidden treasure


Treasures may be of different kinds, old ones as well as contemporary. The first step is getting information that they do exist. Next, it is to set off on a trip and reading the guidelines trying to reach the desired destination. And then life is never going to be the same. Choose the place where an adventure is waiting…

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With golf

It is one of the more elite forms of maintaining social relationships and relaxation in the open air. It teaches concentration and persistence in reaching an aim. It requires paying attention to the right image and outfit which is in harmony with the golf etiquette. Choose a historic building where you can have access to a golf course!

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