ul. Dworska 1
33-113 Zgłobice
province: małopolskie
Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

rej. zab. nr A – 169/M
ul. Benedyktyńska 37
30 - 398 Kraków
province: małopolskie

Advantages of the place


Manor is located just 3 km from the borders of Tarnów, near the national road No. 94, in the park on a hill near the valley of the river Dunajec.


Surrounding the manor park is an oasis of greenery, with old oaks, chestnut and white poplars.


It is the only facility in the area connecting the high standards of the hotel with excellent restaurant.

Attractions in the neighbourhood

The neighborhood of Tarnow makes the trip to the pearl of the Renaissance a must visit. Market, Town Hall, the Cathedral with its famous museum, and traces of the Jewish residents help us imagine the wealth of the former Polish Republic. Nitrogen factory and residential in Moscice shows power of the Second Polish Republic and is interesting basis for discussion of urban industrial era. In the near vicinity are Ciężkowice with interesting rock formations, Dabrowa Tarnowska the restored synagogue, and Zalipie - Painted village.

List of things to do:

  • Tarnów Old Town - the Pearl of the Renaissance. City Hall, the Cathedral, the Market and the historic condos 8 km
  • Cathedral Museum - a unique collection of Christian art - 8.km
  • Jewish heritage (bimah, houses, cemetery) - 8-10 km
  • Mościce - Tarnow district was created with Nitrogen Plant Factory in the 20s of the twentieth century - an interesting urban layout - 6 km
  • Dębno Castle - well preserved fifteenth century castle - 15 km
  • “Fossilized City” - Ciężkowice - a group of unusual rock formations in the forest reserve - 30 km
  • Historic Synagogue - Dabrowa Tarnowska - one of the few preserved in all its glory - 30 km
  • House of Ignacy Jan Paderewski - Kąśna Dolna - court where the composer lived, his museum and center of art- 32 km
  • Salt mine - Bochnia (UNESCO list) - older than the salt mine in Wieliczka- 36 km
  • Zalipie - Painted village - a village famous for its houses decorated with floral motifs - 40 km

Room gallery

Under the Blue Sky

Under the Blue Sky

Room decorated in tones of white - blue with painted ceiling.



Room with a great view of the park from the balcony.

Under the old beam

Under the old beam

Large room furnished with furniture from the early twentieth century with a comfortable bathroom with bathtub.

Just Married Room

Just Married Room

Stylish room with a hot tub located in the room, and stylish furniture.

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Services and attractions

  • Rooms: 12
  • Restaurant: exquisite cuisine
  • air conditioning
  • 3 conference rooms
  • Horses: Shetland
  • minizoo (minizoo (shetland horse, lama, Cameroon sheep, dama deer)